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Social Media Strategy

Tips For A Productive Social Media Strategy


Keywords, with current and relevant content, are vital to the success of brand awareness. In 2014, a shift in this thought awareness needs to occur on every level to include a social media strategy. Everyday marketing efforts are not enough. You need to show search engines and trendy consumers your social media strategy targets quality content while providing a high level of interaction with your fan base.

New trends in search engine analytics are taking place every day. Search engines are focusing more on a brand’s social media strategy for activity and interactions. Companies need to influence and control multiple social channels in order to meet the rapid growth of loyal, engaged consumers who favor social media space. These consumers want brands that are eager to engage with them. They want to be provided with real-time responses to their comments or questions.

social media strategyEngaging your audience on a regular basis is vital on whatever social media channel(s) you use. This will help you to influence the exchange with your followers, and keep your brand at the top of mind. The power of persuasion in social channels allows you to become an expert in your field, and is a handy tool for reaching social media goals.

Valuable content and meeting your consumer’s needs is what boosts visibility in today’s social space. Greater visibility will open up more ways for you to interact with consumers! Greater interaction on a more personal and custom-tailored level will be your key to a successful social media strategy

The “What, Why and Where” Of Social Media

For social media strategy, the age old questions come into play just like any other brand boosting tactics. Why is your social media strategy important to you? To gain brand awareness? To grow your fan base? To run a contest or promotion? Where is the best place to start?

When mapping out social media strategy campaigns, set your goals around KPI’s, or “Key Performance Indicators.” KPI’s is your guide to figure out what you want to achieve, and how to measure activities against goals. Use your social media strategy to set in motion your plan of action and initiatives to meet those goals. With a good social media strategy, you will be able to target and track your progress regularly using those KPI’s.


social media strategyWe love this company because they are doing a great job with their online marketing. Their social media strategy created a way to attract and interact, while putting an accent on sales goals. This approach becomes clear and visible in their blogs.

In January, the blog featured all of the upcoming Superhero movies in 2014. This post was able to ‘persuade’ consumers to think about what they wanted to see. People were able to ‘see’ how well the company’s products matched their own needs, wants, and desires.

Now let’s look at their Facebook page:  http://on.fb.me/1muOOGP. They clearly target their marketing niche with an integrated strategy. It truly engages their customers, which resulted in over 275,000 likes! This is an superb example for being proactive in the industry. Meeting needs, promoting cool products, and increasing brand awareness deliver a great road map for social media strategy.

When all is said and done, a social media strategy for success had to be engineered. They dialed into consumers by first, figuring out what their goal was, second, why it was important, and third, what was the best social media platform to use to make their brand the most visible.

Watch Your Competition

social media strategyIn order to create your own objectives for a social media strategy, you need to really know your competition. Competitors are there for the same reasons you are: increasing online influence, and ultimately converting clicks to a sale. Regardless whether a business is e-commerce or not, the key aspects to create and gain social media strategy traction are: engagement, knowledge, information, and real-time service.

As you figure out the competitive landscape, look at everyone that is similar to you. Analyze their social presence, target audience, levels of interaction (i.e., how often, what time, etc.), search engine ranking results, and user experience at their site.

Look at their web pages and compare your own user experience.  How fast do the pages load? Do links take you directly to what you are looking for? Are they content-based or image-based? Sometimes pictures speak louder than words (and it is easier and faster for people to decide if they like you or not).

Look to see if they have a blog. If so, how often are they engaging visitors? Do their blogs present the competitor as ‘thought-leaders’ in the industry? Do they include links to their social pages? How fast do they respond and what are the responses? Are they stiff and impersonal, or are they noteworthy, friendly responses that show the brand’s personality? Now you can really see what they target and where they employ their tactics.

Does your competition ‘stand out’ on social pages? Is their social media strategy evident? How often are they posting? How do they structure their posts? Video? Images? Text? What type of posts do they have? Are they originals or can they be traced back to other sources? (good relationships and referrals do wonders as well!)

If your competition is e-commerce, dig in to see how they are they posting their promotions and products.  Are their social postings based on offering discounts, special deals, running contests, or offering ‘perks’ for loyalty? Above all, how well does your competition engage and interact? Can you see a ‘chain’ of responses that show their pro-activeness? Do they make their social circle feel valued, and ‘warm and fuzzy?’  This is what propels social media strategy to stardom.


social media strategyA great example of using a social media strategy to propel their brand and leverage sales is Zappos. (http://bit.ly/19I2jQ5). Their initial idea was based on the concept of being able to find ‘exactly’ what a person wanted when looking for shoes. People did not want to walk all over town or visit 20 different sites and not find what they want.

Zappos ‘zeroed-in’ on this idea even further, by designing a site to give consumers the ‘absolute best’ selection of shoes, from brand, size, to color, styles, and widths. As Zappos evolved, their social media strategy ‘shifted’ to offering the ‘best in everything’ they do for their online community and consumers. They are quite well known for their friendly and approachable customer service.

Which Social Media Channel Is The Best?

social media strategyKnowing, supporting, and listening to your target audience is key.  To integrate your goals and social activities into a solid social media strategy, you need to figure out who your audience is. What they are saying? How do they interact and engage? What exactly do they need from you? Your social goal becomes providing the best ways to fulfill that need. This answers both the ‘where’ (who is really interested in my produce or service) and the ‘why’ (the targeted niche of need) as the basis for your social media strategy.

Looking for great demographic data to help you pinpoint a social media strategy? Go to Mashable. Their data can help you target and refine which channel(s) are best for your social media strategy. Once you know the consumers to target, you can tailor your strategies and product offerings to match their interest level and needs.

Deep research is the hard part, but will be well worth the time and effort. Identifying your target audience’s favorite social channels and community will reveal their habits, likes, dislikes, wants, needs, etc. This data will steer you to the right channel social channel that you need. Knowing where your customers are, how to interact and engage with them, relationships will grow along with your brand identity.

602 Creative Studio Has Today’s Social Media ‘Insight.’

If you still have questions or aren’t sure how to round up all of these ideas, why not talk with the dedicated team of experts at 602 Creative Studio?  We’re armed with knowledge and are ready to help to map out your social strategy. Together with your ideas and goals, we can start putting into place an integrated, strong social media campaign to elevate your brand awareness and grow your online business.

Visit our website today at www.602creativestudio.com, click on the ‘chat’ feature, and let us get started helping you today.  The sooner you start, the sooner your brand will  be on its way to No. 1 in the social landscape!

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